Tatnicland Shih Tzu 

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Tatnicland's Shih Tzu Dudes

These are our Prince Charmings

La-Te-Da's A Maine's American Tail Of  Tatnicland

AKA- Fievel

Fievel's color is AMAZING!!! He is a head turner for sure. 

solid Chocolate with a little white. 

10 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

Fievel is a past puppy out of our Snookie and Pogo. He is a 

non fading Chocolate. He carries for a rainbow of colors. 

Choc, black, gold, gold and white., blue, silver, liver, brindle 

and white.

He is is a spoiled brat lol... we mean that In a good way. 

Tatnicland's Our own Wells Maine Warrior

AKA- Warrior

Warrior is my loving boy.

Blue and white

10 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

This boy carries for a bunch of colors, but seems to produce 

more lighter colors like liver, liver and white, blue, blue and 

white, silver and gold. He has produced other colors as well.

This guy LOVES LOVES me. I believe he is in love with me lol. 

He can't get enough of me. He is just so sweet. 

Heart's Desire Beethoven of La-Te-Da

AKA- Beethoven

Beethoven is also a little guy.  He too is  compact and coby

7 pounds

AKC reg

DNA tested

This outstanding boy carries mostly for  Partis gold and 

whites, red and whites, and black and whites but he has also 

produced gold, red. 

Need we say more when it comes to this face... His face 

speaks for its self. 

He loves to be outside {as long as weather is not to cold or 

rainy}, he loves his daily walks and car rides. He is a 

mama's boy for sure.

Tatnicland's Snoppy part of our gang


Snoopy is a lover not a fighter. 

He is the traditional black and white.

Black and whites are so regal. 

 snoopy has it all.

He looks at us with those eyes and we just 


weights 10 pounds 

Born may 2019

AKC reg

DNA tested

He carries for most Shih Tzu colors, except 

blues, lavenders, and Dobie Marked.

Tatnicland's Finley battles 4 the girls


Finley is a color you do not see very often .

He is a blue cream. 

his coat color is s reddish cream but he has a 

blue nose. 

He is a head turner, with this button nose and 

nice big eyes.

weights 10 pounds

Born November 2018

AKC reg

DNA tested.

He carries for all the Shih Tzu colors. including 


Tatnicland's Twistin' it up 4 Pizazz


Twizzler- is a WOW factor.

Just look at that deep dark non fading red 


He is so yummy...

He is my wild child, always moving and busy 

doing something. He hardly sleeps during the 

day, he doesn't want to miss anything. 

weights 10 pounds

Born January 2021

AKC reg

DNA tested

carries for lots of reds, red and whites, gold, 

liver and even the dobie markings, only time 

will tell if he will throw this with some of my 

dobie carriers. 

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