Tatnicland Shih Tzu 

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Puppy Litter list

When ever we have a litter of puppies due we will put the 

litter that is expected with who the parents are and 

estimated due date. 

At this time we will start a list of people interested in a 


We do not ask for a Deposit at this time. All we do is take 

your name, address, phone number and what you are 

interested in for a puppy {sex. color}. The list will determine 

where you would be on the list for the up and coming litter.

Once the babies are born we will inform everyone on the 

list and what we have for sex and color. We will also send a 

new born picture of the litter. At this time we would ask for 

a non refundable deposit  to be sent to hold your spot on the 

list.  We would not allow anyone to come and see the 

puppies until they are at least 3 weeks old. Once their ears 

and eyes are open and mom has time to bod with her babies. 

This is also so mom can enjoy her babies with out new scents 

on them.

Puppies will have to be picked out by 4-5 weeks old. Unless 

one stands out right away to someone.

You are more than welcome to come and see Mom anytime 

 3 weeks before due date. Mom needs down time and no 

stress as her due date gets closer.

*** We do not sell to pets store or brokers 


Our Shih Tzus are amazing. 

We are very proud of what we have been able to 

produce here at Tatnicland


Our Shih Tzus are Amazing. We are very proud of what we 

have been able to produce. In one single litter of Shih Tzus 

all the puppies could be different colors and sizes.

Our Shih Tzus will be priced depending on color and size. Sex 

does not matter. Pet prices are $2800.00 and up. All our 

puppies are sold as pets only and on a spay/neuter contract. 

All puppies will need to be fixed by a certain date given by 

us on day of sale. {males by 6 months old, females by 8 

months old}. Once proof of spay/neuter is sent to us thats 

when AKC papers will be sent out to new owners.



We will sell some of our puppies with full AKC Reg. {if they 

are of breeder quality}

 If we do place a puppy with full AKC the price is determined 

by bloodline, size, sex and color. A lot of factors go into 

determining price. They will be substantially more money for 

Breeding rights. usually $3500,00 and up.

Prices may not be determined until they are over 4-5 weeks 

old. {before this we can not tell if they will be breeder 


 *** We do not sell our puppies as breeders if we feel they 

will not be breeder quality {no exceptions}. This is why it is 

not determined until they are a little older.

Our babies will not leave my home until we feel they are 

ready to do so 10-12 weeks old.

So please don't feel if they are 10 weeks old we will be 

allowing them to go home. Time will be determined when 

they get around 10 weeks old. All puppies will be evaluated 

separately. This will make our puppies have the best start in 


*** A non refundable deposit will be asked of $500.00 to 

hold a puppy. Deposit is to be received within 5 business 

days if sending in the mail. Once the deposit is received that 

puppy will be sold to you. Under no circumstances will the 

deposit be refunded. So please make sure adding a new 

puppy or adult is what you and your family really want. 

**** We have the right to refuse a sale at anytime to 

anyone, even after a deposit is sent. We would send the 

deposit back in that case. 

Balance due- If being shipped the balance is due 10 days 

before the puppy is to go with our Nanny for departure. 

Must be paid by pay Pal. or USPS money order or Bank check 

made out to Mollie Doucette.

Balance due- If being picked up at our home on day they can 

leave the payment has to be cash, or bank check made out to 



Shipping costs or mileage must be added into the balance 

due. Prices of shipping and millage will be determined before 

purchase. Unless other arrangements are made, if the 

balance due  is not received within 10 days of leaving  the 

deposit could be  forfeited, contract is void, and the puppy 

will be placed  back up for adoption.Your puppy must be 

picked up or shipped by the time we have come up with for a 

date. {unless other wise stated by us. We know things can 

become out of our control} If you are unable to accept your 

puppy at that time there will be a $15.00 a day boarding fee 

for every day the puppy is in our care and additional fees 

may incur.



We ship with a pet Nanny only. We no longer will ship any 

of our puppies in cargo. 

Some times the Nanny's we use are booked up for a few 

weeks so this means it may take us a few weeks to get your 

puppy to you once they are old enough to leave us. Once you 

decide on a puppy we will get hold of one of the nanny's we 

use and let you know when the puppy could come to you. 

Using a nanny is the best way for our babies to get to their 

new homes. 

** A nanny is someone who flies to our local airport and 

picks up the puppy from us and they they fly in 

cabin with your new baby and will hand deliver the puppy to 

you at your local airport. **

This is less stressful for the puppies.

Nanny's cost runs from $600-$700 on top of 

the puppies price. {these are 2021 prices}.

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