Tatnicland Shih Tzu 

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Contract and Guarantee for: 

Shih Tzu's

Tatnicland Shih Tzu

Bill of Sale-Contract-Guarantee

The sale of this Purebred Shh Tzu puppy/dog is made upon 

the following terms and Conditions:

By placing a deposit or purchasing a puppy/dog from 


You have agreed to the terms of this contract and 

understand that the agreement is legal and binding.



Mothers color_____________________________

Father ___________________________________

Fathers color_____________________________

Date of Birth________________Sex_________Color_____________________

Name given at Birth _______________New name ______________

Puppy Price $ __________________

Shipping {if needed}__________________

Deposit of $_______________ given {date}___________

Method ________________ CK#________

Balance $_______________ given at pick up.  



Total Price $___________________

FULL   OR   LIMITED AKC           


PET ______________    BREEDER_________ 


** if FULL AKC is given a 2nd contract will apply**

Monies are Non-Refundable.

Registration fees are the sole responsibility of the buyer.

Full payment is due upon pick up, before ownership of said 

puppy is given.


*To the best of the seller's knowledge and belief, this puppy 

is in good sound health, free from symptoms of contagious 

and infectious diseases at the time of sale.

Puppy requires a vet check within 72 hours of receiving  said 

puppy. This is at buyers expense. If The Vet check is not done 

by this time this contract s null and void. If this Puppy is 

deemed unhealthy by licensed Veterinarian within the 72 

hour period, I would require a notarized report from said vet 

stating his findings. 

I reserve the right to have said puppy examined by my vet 

for a 2nd opinion before any money will be given. If the said 

puppy is deemed unhealthy or unfit to live a Pet quality life 

by my vet as well I will refund you the full price of this 

puppy, excluding all medical expenses, shipping and any 

other expenses incurred outside 

the actual price of said puppy. You would have 7 full days to 

get the puppy back into my possession {if shipping is needed 

to return he puppy to me, you as the buyer are responsible 

for this cost, I will NOT pay shipping} Internal parasites, 

Coccidiosis, Giardia and 

hernia's do not deem puppy/dog unhealthy. or unfit.

No further health guarantee is made or implied. The seller 

certifies that upon receipt said puppy is in good health and 

has been immunized and wormed.

** if buyer believes this puppy to be sick the said puppy/dog 

should be immediately taken to a veterinarian of buyer's 

choice. A 1 year after sale replacement warranty is given for 

any congenital and hereditary disease not common to the 

Brachycephalic breeds. Any condition that is 

minor,correctable, or bred related is 

not guaranteed. Minor conditions are not covered if the 

cause of conditions which could go away, or is considered to 

be a condition 

which a puppy will likely grow out of is also not covered and 

that cause your puppy to have a shortened life as a pet or to 

expire does apply. A notarized veterinarian report with the 

findings stating, to a medical certainty of said issue that 

will shorten puppy/dogs life 

or a full autopsy will need to be done saying that the death 

was defiantly caused from a prenatal state. Buyer will be 

required to send a notarized vet report by registered mail 

along with all the puppies medical records from the day you 

got him/her. Sellers Veterinarian must confirm and agree to 

the diagnosis. If said puppy is still living and has life 

treating issues I  the seller will then 

reserve the right to have said puppy examined by my vet for 

a 2nd opinion before anything further is done. If my vet 

finds the same issue and finds the puppy/dog truly has a 

major health issue then I will give buyer a replacement 

puppy of equal value, same gender, 

and if same color {not not same color then you would have 

pick of color I would have at the time}, from the next 

available litter. 

Replacement may take awhile as I do not bred all the time 

and don't have puppies all the time. The only way money will 

be given back is if I am no longer breeding and will not have 

puppies. If Iam no longer breeding and I have to give money 

back I will have 6 months from the final determination to 

give a money refund. No other expenses will be refunded 

only said puppy/dog purchase price.{shipping if needed 

when bought, or medical expenses are excluded/ will not be 

given back}.If you decide to keep the said puppy/dog and not 

return he/she to me, I will allow this and will return 1/2 the 

puppy purchase price 

only, and no medial expenses of any kind will be given back 

If this is what is decided and I send back the 1/2 purchase 

price of puppy/dog this contract is null and void and no 

longer in effect.Replacement warranty will be terminated if 

said puppy was abused, 

neglected or does not have up to date records of 

vaccinations and fecal records.

** As of the date of delivery, the puppy/dog has received 

proper vaccinations and deworming. Buyer has been 

informed and given a 

schedule of these      _________{INITIAL}

***This Guarantee is contingent upon the following***

** Continuation of the breeder/vet  vaccine schedule started 


** puppy should not be socialized with other dogs and dog 

feces that you are not familiar with until vaccination 

schedule is complete.

** Continuation of food given to you by 


unless or until you change food. Weaning your puppy slowly 

over a one week period is highly recommended to avoid 

upsetting your puppy's stomach and causing diarrhea. Slowly 

decrease food they have been eating and adding in slowly 

the new food.

** Adequate housing, food and fresh water.

** never tie puppy/dog on a rope or a chain

** It is highly critical that this puppy/dog stay inside and 

not be put out in a kennel or fenced in yard to live it?s life.

** Puppy is sold with the understanding that he/she is going 

to your home o be part of your family.

** Administering a monthly heartworm preventative such as 

HeartGuard is recommended.

** Administering a monthly flea and tick such as Frontline is 


** This guarantee does not include coccidiosis, Giardia and 

kennel Cough. Which can be caused by stress and bacteria. 

{These are also common in dogs who are shipped}. Kennel 

Cough is a self limiting and like the common cold must run 

its course. Full recovery is expected and on it's own Kennel 

Cough is not usually life threatening. 

This guarantee does not cover what a Shih Tzu breed is 

considered normal:  cherry eye, Stenotic nares, under bite, 

over bite, both Inguinal or Umbilical Hernias ETC.

** The seller will assume no shipping cost associated with 

the sale or replacement warranty

** The seller assumes no responsibility for medical expenses, 

mortality, landlord's disapproval, allergies, or any other 

undesirable circumstances once puppy/dog has left the 

sellers premises.




** Puppy must be spayed/neutered 


a copy is to be sent to me within 2 weeks of said puppy 

being fixed. 

if this is not done by said date above I have the right to 

charge an extra fee of $1000 for this said puppy. 

as a breeder it is very important that my puppies are fixed, 

and its a very important that I receive the proof. PLEASE 


**AKC papers will not be given until proof of spay/neuter is 

sent to me. Even if the AKC papers are not important to you I 


once the proof is sent I will mail you out your puppy/dog 

AKC papers.

** This contract and guarantee is for PET ONLY {limited AKC 

registration}IF USED FOR BREEDING A FINE OF $5,000 IS TO 



** even if used for breeding without permission and fine is 

paid said puppy is still to be fixed. The fine of $5,000 does 

not give you Full AKC on this puppy/dog. 

** If puppy/dog is sold with FULL AKC registration a 2nd 

contract with breeding terms will be stated, signed and 

dated by breeder and buyer.

I can not guarantee nor will guarantee that a male puppy 

will have 2 normally descended testicles at maturity. I can 

not guarantee the fertility of a male or female puppy/dog at 

maturity and it is impossible to guarantee breeding success 

or show success. I am not responsible if the said puppy/dog 

can not produce. It s buyers sole responsibility for bills 

incurred from breeding said puppy/dog. 

** I will not guarantee the size of said puppy as an adult. I 

will give an estimate of size when full grown but again it is 

an estimate. I will not guarantee the color of said 

puppy/dog. Shih Tzu?s are double coated , their color may 

become lighter or darker as they age and grow. They will 

almost always be lighter when you 

shave them down as the under coat is usually lighter.

** Seller reserves the right to 1st refusal, should said buyer 

choose to place said puppy/dog. If for some reason you are 

unable to keep, provide or love your puppy/dog I am to be 

contacted to return said puppy/dog to me with no monies to 

be given back, I am to get all shot records, AKC papers and 

any other paper work incurred while 

in your possession, ETC. As a breeder it is not my fault if you 

are unable to keep your puppy/dog so NO money will be 

given back. Plus if having to be shipped back to me, the cost 

of shipping him or her back to me will be your expense. 

Puppy is not to be resold with out contacting me 1st. If said 

puppy is sold with out my knowledge 

a $1000.00 fine will be paid to me for going against this 

contract that has been signed by you.

** This puppy/dog is NEVER to be given to a shelter, retail 

company, establishment or abandoned!!!!

** Any disputes will be litigated  in York County, in the state 

of Maine, at Buyer's expense. 

** Guarantee applies only to the original buyer and is not 


** All my puppies AKC papers will have  TATNICLAND as the 1st 


This contract is written for the protection of the breeder and 

the puppy. I have never had to come back to this guarantee 

but it is put in place because no matter how much care, 

genetic research, love etc. you give a puppy sometimes 

things happen that are out of our control. I want you as a 

buyer to know that if it does happen I 

will make it right, considering all the conditions were 

followed through with this contract/guarantee.






[email protected]


facebook- TATNICLAND





NAME- ______________________________________________________________________

STREET ____________________________________________________________________

CITY____________________________________________ STATE______________________

ZIP CODE______________________ PHONE #_____________________________________





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