Tatnicland Shih Tzus & Mini Poodles

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   We Have puppies!!!!!

   check them all out in my Nursery!!.
Also a 5 month old in older pups!!





We are small hobby breeders here in the small 

town of Wells on the coast of Maine. 


Wells/Ogunquit Maine is a Beautiful tourist 

town in the Summer months, Plus people come 

from all over in the fall to see the fall  

New England foliage.  We would not ask to live 

in a more beautiful place.

Ogunquit Maine- 

*** Ogunquit means a beautiful place by the sea***

Perkins Cove, Ogunquit Maine

Our Home

In our opinion we believe Shih Tzus and 

Miniature Poodles are the most loving breeds 

of dogs. Both breeds have the biggest 

hearts in the dog world we believe, but again 

we are partial to them.  Yes That is our opinion 

but we think most people who have had 

them or been around them would totally agree 

with us. 

Shih Tzus & Poodles are considered non- 

shedding & Hypo allergenic. 

They have hair not fur.

With these traits they are very appealing to a 

lot of people.

Shih Tzus & Poodles are completely different. 

Not the same in any way except for how much 

they love their humans and how loving they 


So Please read up on the breed you may be 

interested in before contacting us about a   

puppy or an adult.

We have a small breeding program of AKC Shih 

Tzus and Miniature Poodles.  This assures 

quality not quantity. Also assures that we have 

time for all our adult dogs and the puppies. 

We will be honest We are into Bloodline. We

look for lines that  we know will complement 

our program. Health is also the up most 

importance. Health and Lines can go hand in 


Temperament also plays a huge part here at 


Size and colors are also in our mind when 

breeding. We only have as many litters a year 

that we know we can handle to make sure we 

have time to devote to each puppy and 


All our Shih Tzus and Miniature Poodls have 

amazing Temperaments. They are raised with 

kids, adults and other dogs and of coarse 

under foot. We feel this is what makes our 

dogs have the best of everything.

You could not ask for better dogs. 


Tatnicland Shih Tzus are in the range of 7-12 

pounds for females and 5-12 pounds for males. 

We do not bred for the real small ones nor the 

real big ones. Most of ours are in the range for 

the AKC standard.{ In saying this we do get 

tinies/smalls and some on the bigger side of 

standard, this is due to the bloodlines they 

carry}.This means our puppies will be good size 

for the young and old. The size we produce is 

perfect for kids to dress up, for light 

wrestling, hiking with an active family or just 

to find a nice warm lap to curl up on.  

Shih Tzus are a hardy breed considering their 

size. The one thing we love about this breed is 

the range of colors they come in. We love the 

harder colors to find, We do not use the word 

rare or exotic as they are not. We like to say 

they are an unique color. They are head 

turners for sure.  Some of our adults are colors 

you don't see every day. We also have adults 

that are common colors in the bred. So 

everyone should be able to find one they love.  


***** Shih Tzus grow at different rates. Even 

though  parents are of one size does not mean 

the puppy will be that size. The puppy could be 

smaller or larger than their parent. 

Tatnicland Miniature poodles are in the range 

of 11 inches to 15 inches tall. {Poodles are 

measured by height not weight} most puppies 

will be in the Miniature Poodle AKC standard 

from smaller standard to larger standard. Also 

in saying this we will get large toys and some 

over 15 inches at times. This is also due to 

bloodlines they carry. Poodles are very out 

going, athletic and  energetic. They will make 

wonderful pets, but Poodles need something to 

do, When we say this we don't necessarily 

mean a job to do, but stimulation. They love to 

hike, walk and run. If they don't we feel they 

can get into trouble and could potentially hurt themselves  

Poodles are very smart and get bored easily. 

We absolutely love this breed, and couldn't 

imagine not sharing our home with them. They 

are very much people dogs and would rather 

be with us humans over other animals. 

****Poodles are not for everyone. So please do 

your research on this bred before jumping into 

buying one. They are completely different then 

the Shih Tzu.

All our puppies will be sold to loving inside 

homes. We will not well to just anyone. We 

have the right to refuse a sale.

All our puppies are sold with Limited AKC {Pet 

only} Non of my puppies will be sold with Full 

breeding rights.

Puppies will leave here with Contract stating 

they must be fixed by a certain date and age. 

Proof will have to be send to us before AKC 

papers will be given. {you will see the AKC 

papers when you pick up your puppy, so you 

know he/she is AKC registered. 

  All our puppies come prespoiled, raised under 

foot in our home. We are not a kennel.

*** Puppies will be able to leave around 9-12 

weeks old depending on each puppies 

development. We will determine when they can 

leave our home. { some may have to stay 

longer, each puppy is different}.

All puppies will come with limited AKC, 1st and 

2nd set of shots, Kennel cough, wormed, vet 

checked at 8 weeks old, Health guarantee, 

puppy goodie bag, food we feed and pre-


Please take the time to educate yourself on the 

Shih Tzu or Miniature Poodle breed, know all 

about them. We will be asking you a lot of 

questions about what you know about the 

breed your interested in, plus will be asking 

you about yourself and your family. plus what 

your looking for in a puppy/dog. This is

to make sure you would be a good match for 

one of our puppies/dogs.

Buying an animal young or old is a lifetime 

commitment. So if you do not have the time 

and love to give one please don't bring one 

into your life.

If you do have the time and love to give you 

will have a wonderful best friend for life....

 We ask that everyone read my contract 

before contacting us about one of our 

puppies/adults. This is so you would know 

what you would be signing if you decided one 

of our puppies would be a good fit for you. 

Mollie & Danny Doucette